Fix checking for file overwriting on file creation

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Jarosław Staniek
andriusr, kossebau, piggz, rshtemberko, wicik, wkosowicz

Fix checking for file overwriting on file creation

Startup file handler: update filename after adding extension,
otherwise checking for overwriting isn't accurate.

Example of inaccurate behaviour:
User enters /tmp/a and /tmp/a does not exist.
Kexi changes it to /tmp/a.kexi but still checks if /tmp/a exists.
If /tmp/a.kexi exists, user won't be notified and asked.

In addition the handler now checks if user entered existing
directory path without filename; if so, it warns about that.
This avoids creating nonsense ".kexi" files (that look like hidden).

The fix works for CSV creation too.

Creation works as before

Jarosław Staniek
Jarosław Staniek
Roman Shtemberko
Jarosław Staniek
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