A button which appears on the side of a splitter handle and allows easy collapsing of the widget on the opposite side

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Laurent Montel
cfeck, dfaure

This new widget adds a button on splitter to collapse it.

Created a lot of unittest.

I already done a lot of review code with David (thanks).

This widget can be show in kmail->compositor->snipset for example (in 4.14).


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missing space after '=' David Faure David Faure
Q_DECL_OVERRIDE on these two lines David Faure David Faure
I think this public method should be called isWidgetCollapsed, too. It's not the button itself that collapses. David Faure David Faure
return QToolButton::eventFilter(object, event), just in case. David Faure David Faure
This got renamed. Christoph Feck Christoph Feck
This sentence makes no sense. Christoph Feck Christoph Feck
Please pass at least a QStyleOption to pixelMetric(). For some styles, the metric depends on the font size, which might ... Christoph Feck Christoph Feck
Please also expandTo the app's globalStrut for any clickable region, especially since you are making it smaller than the scroll ... Christoph Feck Christoph Feck
Laurent Montel
David Faure
David Faure
Christoph Feck
Christoph Feck
Laurent Montel
Christoph Feck
Laurent Montel
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