try to release idle connections to DB, relieve database

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Panos Christeas

For Postgres, each DB client connection corresponds to a process
being spawn and kept alive. May even mean some SHM allocated for
it, on pre-9.3 versions of postgres.
On a system (desktop) with many akonadi resources, we may end up
occupying most/all available Postgres backends just keeping idle
This patch tries to address that, by releasing the DB connection
for those idle agents. This comes to the expense of some wake-up
latency (connect, setup db and prepare queries again). It is not
limited to QPSQL DBs yet, as to explore its effects on the other
storage engines.

Note that I had to change the DataStore::database() API from a
const to a regular method, because it would wake-up a connection.

Ran for 2 days, several resources.


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This will force-open a DB connection even on connections that don't need it, let's try to avoid that. Either we ... Daniel Vrátil Daniel Vrátil
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Panos Christeas
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