Revert "don't recompile exported classes, link to their dll"

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Milian Wolff
aacid, vonreth, whiting

The `*_p.h` files do not have any export macros. Instead we now
set -DKNEWSTUFF_STATIC_DEFINE which should prevent the export
macros from expanding to anything even on Windows.

This fixes the compile error for me:

This fixes the compile/link errors of the unit tests:

Linking CXX executable knewstuffentrytest
/home/milian/projects/kf5/src/frameworks/knewstuff/autotests/knewstuffentrytest.cpp:69: error: undefined reference
to 'KNS3::EntryInternal::EntryInternal()'
/home/milian/projects/kf5/src/frameworks/knewstuff/autotests/knewstuffentrytest.cpp:70: error: undefined reference
to 'KNS3::EntryInternal::setEntryXML(QDomElement const&)'
/home/milian/projects/kf5/src/frameworks/knewstuff/autotests/knewstuffentrytest.cpp:71: error: undefined reference
to 'KNS3::EntryInternal::toEntry() const'
/home/milian/projects/kf5/src/frameworks/knewstuff/autotests/knewstuffentrytest.cpp:69: error: undefined reference
to 'KNS3::EntryInternal::~EntryInternal()'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

and similar. The tests compile again and work properly.

This reverts commit 3ab92282a8909258dc6fa24a3b9d065ee49f8731.

Compiles again and tests pass. Patrick, was this before an issue on Windows or why did you push this change? See also

Hannah von Reth
Milian Wolff
Milian Wolff
Hannah von Reth
Milian Wolff
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