Replace manual export files with CMake's generate_export_header

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Andrius da Costa Ribas
kde-workspace, kdewin

These files currently use


which doesn't work on MSVC.

Builds with msvc 2013 64bit


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Andrius da Costa Ribas
Andrius da Costa Ribas
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Harald Sitter

This breaks the kde4 build as ECM is not being used there and generate_export_header is not available without ECM.

  1. generate_export_header isn't in ECM, but in cmake itself ( Does kde4 required cmake version not support it? Should I revert this commit?

  2. Ah, I was not aware of that. So the solution probably is to move the include(GenerateExportheader) line outside the if-else for kf5/kde4

  3. Andrius: kdelibs4 has to work on cmake 2.8.9, when was that introduced?

  4. If kubuntu packaging can be trusted it was there before that (e.g. was already in 2.8.7)


  6. I'm running cmake 3.1 here and still can't get oxygen to build in KDE4 mode anyway.
    Cmake aborts with: Unknown CMake command "generate_export_header"
    So surely something seems broken with this patch (missing module include ?)

    Can you either test compilation with option -DUSE_KDE4=1, and fix, or provide instructions, or revert ?

    Thanks !