Fix exports.

Review Request #121078 - Created Nov. 8, 2014 and submitted

Andrius da Costa Ribas
kde-baseapps, kdeframeworks, kdewin

Use CMake's generate_export_header whenever possible, and fix some inconsistent exports.
Also, use Q_DECL_EXPORT consistently across occurrences of kdemain for kdeinit apps (removing kdemacros.h where KDE_EXPORT was being in use).

It builds (MSVC2013 - 64bit) after this patch (along other patches I'm sending to review today). Kdebase-apps is still not very functional, though (missing icons and weird UI).

Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Andrius da Costa Ribas
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Status: Closed (submitted)

Luca Beltrame

This breaks compilation on Linux (was this tested?) and on CI:

fatal error: libdolphin_export.h: No such file or directory

Luca Beltrame

dolphin/src/CMakeLists.txt (Diff revision 1)

This one was missing from the commit and broke the build. I fixed it in 9cd55421bdadc663c947ddac9504a8d916e87012.

Luca Beltrame

Actually it's still broken: I didn't notice because I did not build tests:

/srv/jenkins/workspace/kde-baseapps_frameworks_qt5/konqueror/src/konqapplication.h:28:46: error: expected initializer before ‘:’ token

The line being

class KONQ_TESTS_EXPORT KonquerorApplication : public KApplication

  1. And finally fixed.

  2. I'm sorry, I'll pay more attention next time.
    I had to revert my tree to not include the other commits (of the other review requests I sent the same day) and had left it out when doing so. I'm not sure what happened regarding the KONQ_TESTS_EXPORT typo, since the build went ok (no clean build?)

    I don't have a linux build set up to double-check, so I rely on the review request.

    @Luca: Thanks for the prompt fix, and sorry again!