Plasma Active: Initial commit for Baloo Cloud Component

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Antonis Tsiapaliokas

At the moment, Baloo doesn't provide a timeline, which is something that we need for the activefilebrowser.
So this new component, is introducing support for the timeline.


  • Baloocloud component contains the org.kde.baloo component inside it.The reason behind that, is that the implementation for the timeline is kind of terible because of its perfomance.
  • I have put the new component inside the plasma-mobile repository, for the above reason. But if the Baloo team, wants it inside the baloo repo then i can move it. I am fine with both approaches (keep it here or in the baloo repository.
  • If someone has a better idea about the implementation, the pls shoot :)

Everything looks ok. The performance is not bad, except from the fact that the implementation is a bit of hackish...


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