[OS X] make KWalletD::connectToScreenSaver a stub function

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René J.V. Bertin
kde-mac, kde-runtime

OS X doesn't use an X11-based screensaver, and KDE/OS X is not based on X11.
Until now, kwalletd was built with a MacPorts patch that simply excluded the connectToScreenSaver function from kwalletd.cpp as well as from kwalletd.h because the moc preprocessor doesn't respect the #ifdef Q_WS_X11 conditional around the function prototype.

This patch removes the conditional code from the header (leaving it only around the *screensaver instance variable, and makes the function a stub on OS X.

I'd be interested to know the reason for connecting to the screensaver. If it's for idle timing I might be able to port replacement functionality already committed to ktimetracker for that purpose.

on OS X 10.6.8 .

René J.V. Bertin
Thomas Lübking
Martin Flöser
René J.V. Bertin
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