Small changes in Ark service menu strings

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Elvis Angelaccio

The bug 198227 has a couple of points still not addressed.
In the Ark service menu, the string Compress To... might be changed to Compress to....
The other point was to change the string Here to Here (as TAR.GZ), and while I did it in this review, I think this needs to be discussed here.

The fact: currently Ark has two desktop actions with different names but the same effect: Compress -> Here and Compress -> As TAR.GZ Archive, i.e. the effect is a tar.gz archive being created. I see four options:

  1. Change the action Here to Here (as TAR.GZ). In this way the novice user will still see the word here, while the advanced user will know which archive format is going to be used. But in this case the action Compress -> As TAR.GZ Archive would become a duplicate both in the name (well, kind of) and in the effect. In other words, the users will be confused about which of the two actions to choose.
  2. Change the action Here to Here (as TAR.GZ) and remove the action Compress -> As TAR.GZ Archive. Now there are no duplicates and no confusion.
  3. Remove the action Here. No more duplicates and no more confusion, but now the novice user will not see the word here (assuming that this was the reason why the Here action has been created).
  4. Stick with Here and Compress -> As TAR.GZ Archive, so different names but same effect. If so, the bug should be closed, except maybe for Compress To... becoming Compress to...

So, I would go with 2. (this means I'd need to update the diff)
What do you guys think?

Compile and check if the strings are changed.

Ragnar Thomsen
Elvis Angelaccio
Ragnar Thomsen
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Elvis Angelaccio
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