Do not skip searching for X11 and Wayland modules on Windows

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Alex Merry
extracmakemodules, kdewin

While the search is unlikely to succeed on Windows, having different
behaviour between the platforms (eg: find_package(Wayland REQUIRED) was
not fatal on Windows, even though Wayland_FOUND would always be FALSE)
is not ideal, and if someone did port them to Windows for some reason,
the find modules should support that.

If applications actually want different behaviour between platforms
(like requiring a module on Unix, but not on Windows), they should
implement that logic themselves (since they will have to deal with
targets not being defined, etc, anyway).

None whatsoever, since I want Martin's feedback on the idea first.

Martin Flöser
Alex Merry
Patrick Spendrin
Alex Merry
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Since there were no major objections, I went ahead and committed.