[huge patch] reformat whole code base of Kalzium

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Martin Walch

Across the project there are many coding styles with lots of different indentation patterns. There are three different tabs to space conversions (1:2, 1:4, 1:8), even mixed within individual files. This makes the code unnecessarily hard to read and to edit.

In the hope that I do not offend anybody: unify code style.

Roughly apply the style from kdelibs:

  • get rid of all tabs
  • indentation is four spaces
  • unify includes and include guards
  • less blank lines
  • one space after "if", "for", etc.
  • no space after cast
  • prefix operators ("++", "--") instead of postfix where applicable
  • pointers: preferably single space before "*" (same for "&")
  • opening curly braces on same line except for implementations
  • no whitespace after opening parenthesis "(" or before closing ones ")"
  • no single line "if", "for", "else", etc. (always curly braces)
  • indent "case" to same level as corresponding "switch"
  • at least in some files adjust line wraps to a limit of 100 chars
  • exactly one newline at EOF

Also some formatting to copyright statements (I hope this is legally ok)

fix some spelling errors
constify& some foreach loops (suggested by krazy2)
* replace some single char strings with chars (suggested by krazy2)

This whole patch fixes between 15 and 20 krazy2 warnings.

  • compiling
  • starting the program (did not test all features)
Martin Walch
Martin Walch
Etienne Rebetez
Martin Walch
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