Add "open-with" action and right-click context menu to Ark

Review Request #120216 - Created Sept. 15, 2014 and submitted

Elvis Angelaccio

This review aims to bring life to this 2 years-old review:
The patch is mostly the same, but the issues pointed by Raphael should now be fixed.
In particular, the default Ark behavior is unchanged: when an entry is double clicked, the preview is showed (instead of launching the default application of that entry).

Open an existing archive, right-click on an entry, the context menu is showed and and the "Open With..." action is available.


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Elvis Angelaccio
Elvis Angelaccio
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Elvis Angelaccio
Elvis Angelaccio
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Elvis Angelaccio
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Elvis Angelaccio
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Raphael Kubo da Costa

Erm, since this implements a new feature and adds new strings, you should have committed it to master, not KDE/4.14.

  1. Ouch, I'm sorry. Should I try to revert it from KDE/4.14?

  2. In particular, I think these commands should do the work:

    to remove the commit from the remote KDE/4.14 branch:
    - git reset --hard HEAD~1 # on my local KDE/4.14 branch
    - git push --force origin KDE/4.14

    to revert the merge and reset origin master to its previous commit:
    - git revert -m 1 fe127a1df3a57eb9abf7ac190387b0cb485548fa

    and finally commit to master as if this mistake never happened.
    Let me know if I'm missing something.

  3. Sorry, I got dragged into something else here.

    This approach doesn't work because force-pushes are never supposed to happen in KDE's public repositories.

    Instead, I'm considering something less esoteric:

    git checkout KDE/4.14
    git revert HEAD
    # explain why it's being reverted, commit with CCBUG: 179066
    git checkout master
    git merge --log --edit --no-ff --strategy ours
    # commit explaining that --strategy ours was used and thus the revert was not integrated into master

    I haven't tested it if works, but it should. Don't worry, I can handle it here.

  4. I don't think you can rewrite the history without sysadmin help; if the push is forbidden, please open a sysadmin ticket.

  5. I'm sorry for the trouble. It won't happen again.

  6. Don't worry, your work is still very much welcome. Shit happens all the time :-)

    FWIW, my strategy seems to have worked, but I'll have to revert your change to ark.appdata.xml from your commit as well (it's unrelated and just removed some translations that had been added).

  7. Alright, everything should be fine as of and

    Thanks again, Elvis!