Fix some warnings in Kigo

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Martin Walch

These are two commits, but for reviewboard, I merged them into one:

  • Fix doxygen warnings for Stone constructors in games/stone.h

"float value" parameters of Stone constructors had no description

Fix it by adding a corresponding description: it is an estimated value
for a potential next move. It is used when the user is requesting
a hint.

  • Make single parameter constructors explicit

krazy2 complained:

Check for C++ ctors that should be declared 'explicit' [explicit]...
OOPS! 2 issues found!

src/game/score.h: line# 45 (1)
src/gui/config/generalconfig.h: line# 45 (1)

Fix it by making them explicit.

This is a minor change in a public API (GeneralConfig) and I guess it
could potentially break code that uses those constructors implicitely,
but Kigo compiles fine and even if there is some other program using
that class (I highly doubt it), I am pretty confident that it will not
break unless it actually is a bug.

  • compiling
  • running the game
  • checking doxygen output for param "value" in Stone class
Albert Astals Cid
Martin Walch
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