Make konsole -e "man ls" work as expected, while also coping with paths with spaces in

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Mark Raymond

A couple of years ago, bug 295648 was fixed, introducing support for konsole -e "man ls" in commit aa75fc8f. However it introduced bug 308553, which meant that konsole -e "path with spaces" no longer worked, and so the fix was reverted in commit 48b5575c.

This patch fixes bug 295648 without reintroducing bug 308553 by checking whether the first parameter exists before interpreting using ShellCommand.

konsole -e man ls
konsole -e "man ls"

konsole -e /bin/sh ./
konsole -e "/bin/sh ./"

konsole -e "/home/mark/script with"
konsole -e /home/mark/script\ with\

Mark Raymond
Mark Raymond
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