Use Juvia to add comments on the API class pages

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Denis Steckelmacher

Juvia is a Free Software commenting system that can easily be used on static websites like An instance of Juvia has just been installed on (many thanks to Ben Cooksley!), and this patch adds support for it to

The users can now comment class pages. The comments are disabled (no comment box nor anything else appears) on the main page of each framework, on the Frameworks 5 index page and on any other page that does not directly concern a class. I've done that in order to avoid cluttering important pages with comments, but if you think that having comments on all the pages (or a bigger subset of them) is desirable, it is very easy to change. Personally, I would avoid having comments on the main pages, so that any spam, if the automatic Akismet filter does not work, will not be too visible.

A screenshot is linked to this review request and shows how the comments have been integrated (I slightly modified the built-in Juvia style so that Doxygen and KDE colors are used).

Posting a comment works, and comments can be viewed. They also appear in the admin interface of Juvia (I've now deleted these comments). I posted comments on different classes and in different frameworks in order to test that namespacing works correctly.


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Denis Steckelmacher
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