Only keep the active view container connected with the main window

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Emmanuel Pescosta

Only keep the active view container connected with the main window, all inactive
view containers are disconnected. Changing the connections is done whenever
the active view has been changed, so we can always guarantee that only the
active view is connected.

The problem with restoring saved sessions is, that we create a new view container
in DolphinTabPage::restoreState() when split view was used in the previous session,
but this view container isn't connected to the main window slots because
DolphinMainWindow::connectViewSignals() is not called for this container. This leads
to these strange problems: no context menu, ...

This patch uses the "keep only one view connected"-logic from master. I think it's
safe enough for the stable branch, because we use it for quite a while already in
master and I haven't found any problems yet.

Split view, tabs, session restoring, ... works for me :)

No problems found so far

Frank Reininghaus
Emmanuel Pescosta
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Status: Closed (submitted)