Use "svn export" to fetch KDE identities if possible, and cache them

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Alex Merry

WebSVN is not set up to deal with a large number of hits - it is
intended for casual browsing. "svn export" is much more efficient, and
the anonsvn servers are meant to take this load.

Given that we would like developers to be generating documentation to
check their doxygen markup, we should use a method that scales.

This uses "svn export" (either through libsvn python bindings or the
command-line utility) if it can. It also caches the result for a day,
since account information does not change that often (and being
up-to-date is not that important for developers generating the dox).

Extracted download_kde_identities() function (and its dependent functions) to another script, and tested with python2 (with libsvn bindings), python3 (without) and python3 (with the svn command line altered so that it would fall back to websvn) - both with and without a cache file/cache directory present.

Also ran kgenframeworksapidox (python2), and checked that David Faure was correctly listed as the maintainer of KArchive, with an email address.

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Alex Merry
Alex Merry
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