Do not enter the test/ directories if AKONADI_BUILD_TESTS is off.

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Raphael Kubo da Costa
1.13 master
enable_testing() only determines whether a "test" target and the related
CTest files will be created. And in Akonadi's case it is actually
invoked regardless of the value of the AKONADI_BUILD_TESTS option
because Akonadi includes the CTest module, which calls enable_testing()
based on the value of another variable, BUILD_TESTING.

In any case, whether the executables and libraries that compose
Akonadi's unit tests will be built has nothing to do with
enable_testing(). To make AKONADI_BUILD_TESTS really disable the build
of the unit tests we now avoid entering the tests/ directories at all
when it is off, so that neither tests nor targets they depend on get
The unit tests are really not built and do not show up in make test.
Daniel Vrátil
Raphael Kubo da Costa
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