Make SQL* highlighting files more similar, add comment folding to PL/SQL

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Martin Walch

The three syntax highlighting files for SQL dialects have evolved over time and have started to differ in parts that are logically the same. I guess it is hardly reasonable to put these identical parts in a common file, but it is probably still desirable to keep them roughly in sync across the three files.

This is what the patch aims for with several measures:
use exactly the same whitespace and indentation
sort <item> and <itemData> by name
use the same XML comments where appropriate
use the same order of delimiters

This also adds folding support of multiline comments to PL/SQL (sql.xml), which slightly affects bug #140861 (but does not really fix it).

While there should not be any real functional changes except for sql.xml, the patch still increases the minor version numbers of all three files.

Patching worked on KDE/4.13 and KDE/4.14.

Runtime tests with Kate 3.13.3 were successful: random code snippets I collected from the web for each of the dialects did not show any differences after applying the patch, except that comment folding became available and worked for PL/SQL.

Martin Walch
Milian Wolff
Martin Walch
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