Fix bug #334271 : bad display of Dolphin status bar wdgets when a high DPI resolution is used

Review Request #119701 - Created Aug. 10, 2014 and submitted

Mathieu Tarral
dolphin, kde-baseapps

Fixes display issues of dolphin statusbar widgets when a high DPI value is used (>= 196 for example).

Changes :
- remove setFixedHeight to fix vertical alignement
- changes fixed values in setMaximumWidth from 150 to averageCharWidth of m_label * 15

So, the font width now respects the dpi settings because averageCharWidth will get it's value.
But there is still an hardcoded value (15).

Note : QtCurve seemed to be bugged (see screenshots)

set DPI to 196 (System Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts)
run dolphin
look at widgets width in statusbar



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