Use FindBacktrace.cmake instead of rolling your own

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Vadim Zhukov
akonadi, buildsystem

Akonadi uses backtrace() facility, which could be defined in different headers and actually live in different libraries, depending on OS. The CMake distribution has FindBacktrace.cmake module as of 3.0.

In case it's not desirable to depend on CMake 3.x, and given that CMake modules are released under BSD-style license, the FindBacktrace.cmake from CMake distribution could be used. This CMake module could be downloaded here:

This patch removes more lines than adds, so it can't be bad. ;) And it fixes official Akonadi package build on OpenBSD.

Please note that I don't have commit access to KDE repos. Thus, if this patch will get accepted, it should be committed by someone else. Thanks.

Akonadi 1.12.1 and "master" ones, OpenBSD/i386 5.6-BETA, KDE 4.13.3

Daniel Vrátil
Vadim Zhukov
Daniel Vrátil
Vadim Zhukov
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