do not delete public object from private object which is deleted from pub..

Review Request #119541 - Created July 30, 2014 and discarded

Harald Sitter
hrvojes, mbriza

this fixes a crash on exit in most polkit apps (most notably kauth kcm
helper applications)

dbusSignalAdd connects the dbus systembus to q, this connection is auto-
disconnect on qobject destruction (i.e. destruction of the public object).
since however public deletes private and private deletes public by the time
the qobject dtor is executed public might be already gone (deleted by the
private) and subsequently the disconnect will fail because there's nothing
to disconnect.
this issue is resolved by not establishing a delete cycle.
public manages private and that's the end of it.

test with clock kcm. after removing the delete cycle the helper does no longer crash on exit

Harald Sitter
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Status: Discarded

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actually this is rubbish because the private is actually a global static and so it probably ought to delete q (which is actually rather weird...),