Support of multiple MarbleWidgets and creating MapTheme from GeoDataPhotoOverlay

Review Request #119538 - Created July 29, 2014 and discarded

Gábor Péterffy

This is the next step toward the photoOverlay viewer. It includes the gnomonic projection code of shentey from

The basic things what have been done:
- Now multiple MarbleWidget can be present at the same time, this is controlled by the ControlView
- The MapThemeManager can create a working mapTheme from a GeoDataPhotoOverlay
- The needed resources for the image viewer are stored in a temporary directory

Known bugs:
- Can't turn off the plugins (e.g. compass, map-overview, grid, ...) with the properties in the GeoSceneDocument (cause currently unknown)
- The new widget doesn't get the focus despite the invoke of setFocus()
- If Marble closed when a panorama is open, it try to save it as the last open MapTheme

Gábor Péterffy
Torsten Rahn
Gábor Péterffy
Gábor Péterffy
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Status: Discarded