Stop reconnect attempts for an unconfigured account

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Jai Luthra

If the account is unconfigured, in case of a fresh profile, or starting
Trojita for the first time (without a previous config), there is no need
to try reconnecting to the server.

This is still not a long-term solution, as Jan pointed out on IRC, the
long-term solution is to not create a dummy ImapAccess at all. But that
can only happen once multiple-accounts is implemented.

So either we can discard this RR, and wait for multiple-accounts; or we
can merge this, perhaps with a "FIXME:" ?

BUG: 337671

  • Reconnect attempts do start
  • A network error is emitted and logged
  • Trojita is switched to offline state (like before) but this time
    stopping the reconnect attempts

Pull from: branch: 337671


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