Make ktimetracker build on OS X, where it uses a native method from the ApplicationServices framework for idle time detection, instead of the XScreenSaver.

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René J.V. Bertin
kde-mac, kdepim

Signed-off-by: RJVB <>

Testing was done under KDE and KDEPIM 4.12.5, MacPorts. The patches from that version applied without issues on the code in git, with 2 exceptions that I could re-apply manually easily.

With these patches, ktimetracker builds and launches under OS X (•) and loads existing ktimetracker.ics files correctly. The idle time detection feature appears to work as far as I'm able to tell (I don't use it under Linux).

What remains to be done is to double-check the timing precision: I've had an impression that timing may be too fast but haven't been able to prove timing isn't correct.

The history output to clipboard feature does ignore the date range and "output only the selection" options; removing entries originating from Linux we have

"test" 0.00 0.00
"test->test 1" 0.07 0.03
"test->test 2" 0.00 0.06
"test->test 3" 0.00 0.03
"test->test 4" 0.00 0.03

and the timing output (which does honour the "output only the selection" option):

Totaux des tâches
20140729 13:09

Durée Tâche

0:12 test
0:05 test 1
0:03 test 2
0:02 test 3
0:02 test 4

0:12 Total

•) this supposes libical is installed and built following, i.e. using cmake instead and including a patch from Ubuntu.


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