Added a small 'animation' when merging two nodes

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Calin Cruceru

As the title says, this patch includes changes for adding a small animation when two nodes are being merged. Before, the merging was a little bit too 'fast' and it could have confused the users. I think that this way, the merging is much nicer.

Also, you will see in this patch a couple of other small changes which I decided to make after I discovered a couple of bugs. For example one could not interact with the map anymore after selecting the second node to be merged because in AnnotatePlugin, at each mouse press, the item got selected for moving and deselected at mouse release, but when selecting the second node to be merged, the release event was not caught by the item.

I need your feedback regarding the way the new feature behaves :).

Calin Cruceru
Torsten Rahn
Calin Cruceru
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