Include ntdd* headers to make Solid build without the Windows DDK

Review Request #119170 - Created July 8, 2014 and discarded

Nicolás Alvarez
kdewin, solid

The ntdd*.h headers used in the Windows backend come with MSVC2013 and MinGW, but not with MSVC2010, you have to download and install the DDK separately, or grab the headers from MinGW or kdewin. I don't know if MSVC2012 has them or not.

I added the headers to Solid, in a subdirectory. There is a CMake check using check_cxx_source_compiles to see if the headers are present in the system. The bundled headers are only added to the include search paths if they aren't already found in the system. This is more robust than checking the MSVC version number.

Builds on MSVC2010 (didn't before) and MSVC2013 (did before).

Lukáš Tinkl
Nicolás Alvarez
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Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

Neither KF5 nor Qt support MSVC2010 anymore.