Deduce the Object Type Automatically from Tag Name

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David Narváez
This makes the Geogebra filter code somewhat simpler, but adds a semantic condition on the tag names of the XML file produced since you cannot just make up names for tags. I am, in general, against these types of dependencies because it is not possible to check at compilation time whether a tag added to the XSLT is e.g. properly spelled, but I understand this code is becoming large and tedious so it might be worth the trade off. Also, we could come up with a small checking script.

What do you think about this change?

Also, if this change is merged, would you be able to check the old tag names and fix them? I know there were a couple of object that I added whose tag names do not match the ObjectType class name exactly.
Opened a file with basically points, lines and intersections, all objects are properly drawn.
Aniket Anvit
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David Narváez
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