Remove current item highlighting in the Places Panel

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Frank Reininghaus
In the Places Panel, there is always exactly one selected item, which is equal to the current item. Since the selected item is highlighted by drawing its background in a different color, it is not really necessary to highlight additionally that it is the current item.

This can be achieved by removing the calls to KItemListWidget::setCurrent(true) from KItemListView. The "current" information in the widget is only used for deciding if the "current item hightlighting", like an underline in Oxygen, should be drawn.

The motivation for this change is that I have seem some complaints about the "current item" highlighting, which can be even more distracting with non-Oxygen styles, see, e.g.,
See screenshots, which show the current master branch, the change caused by this patch, and finally, the effect of this patch and combined.


Mark Gaiser
Emmanuel Pescosta
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Frank Reininghaus
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