Do not tint the icon of the selected item in Compact and Details View, and include the icon in the selection rectangle

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Frank Reininghaus
This is a modified version of Emmanuel's idea from

It removes the icon tinting for the selected item in Compact and Details View, and extends the selection rectangle such that it includes the icon area as well. The icon tinting can be disturbing, and having a selection rectangle that only includes the text can look a bit strange, especially in the Places Panel.

Ideally, we would also get rid of the tinting in Icons View, but the problem is that

1. Highlighting only the text makes it difficult to see what the selected item is. This was the Dolphin 2.0/KDE SC 4.8 approach, see

2. Drawing a selection rectangle around both text and icon in Icons View leads to inconsistencies with the clickable area, see

3. Having a non-rectangular area, which includes exactly the icon and the text, as shown in , might cause problems with different styles, see
Screenshots show Places Panel, Compact and Details View with default settings before/after applying this patch.



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