KSMServer: Do not autostart files

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Vishesh Handa
    KSMServer: Do not autostart files

    Currently KLauncher is responsible for starting all of the autostart
    files. It intelligently starts only the files which should be started in
    the KDE environment.

    Once this is done, KLauncher then decides to also start all the files
    in the autostart folder, but does that without checking which should be
    started. I'm not sure why both KSMServer and KLauncher are overlaping
    and doing the same thing. But it seems that KLauncher is the correct
    place to do this. Specially since ksmserver uses kioclient5 in order to
    start the applications.

    BUG: 335878
Applications are now only started once.
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Vishesh Handa
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