Set the normal shortcut when setting the default shortcut as well

Review Request #118783 - Created June 16, 2014 and discarded

Vishesh Handa
    When a client calls setDefaultShortcut, only the default shortcut is
    set. This makes sense, however kglobalaccel doesn't actually do anything
    with the global shortcut, it just writes it to the configuration and
    reads it back.

    All the actual logic is implemented behind "active" or "normal" shortcuts.
    In kdelibs4, most applications would call KAction::setGlobalShorcut which
    had a default of setting BOTH the active and the default shortcut. Again,
    I'm not sure what they point of this was if the default shortcut does not
    actually do anything.

    This fixes bugs such as the brightness key not working because
    Powerdevil only sets the "default" shortcut.

Martin Flöser
Vishesh Handa
Review request changed

Status: Discarded