Speed up opening the folder properties dialog in kmail.

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David Faure
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dvratil, mlaurent, vkrause
Speed up opening the folder properties dialog in kmail.

An IMAP mail check schedules a large number of tasks.
Tasks that the user is waiting for, such as ItemFetch (reading one mail)
or SyncCollectionAttributes (as called by the folder properties dialog)
should have priority over that.

There might be more types of tasks that the user could potentially be waiting for.
Maybe we could even blacklist instead of whitelist, i.e. put folder-sync tasks
in a low-prio queue, while the default queue would be above it. Not sure.
Ctrl+L (trigger full mail sync), RMB on folder, Folder Properties
Before: it would wait for all folders to be synced, before showing the dialog
After: it only waits for the currently-synced folder to be done, and then shows the dialog

It would be better if it was immediate, of course...