Formats KCM: Use QLocale::name() instead of bcp47Name() when writing to the configuration file

Review Request #118584 - Created June 6, 2014 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Luca Beltrame
jlayt, sebas
Currently the Formats KCM writes its configuration file using the selected locale's bcp47Name(). This, at least on my distro, breaks locale loading as locales are in the form "foo_FOO" (e.g., "it_IT" for my own locale) and instead the Formats KCM exports LANG as "foo" (e.g. "it").

This causes a bunch of runtime warnings and locales don't get actually loaded. This patch's approach is naive and likely needs more pairs of eyes on it, as I can't test with other distros.

Also we might need "UTF-8" suffix for distros that use UTF-8 locales: or so I think, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell if this is needed or not.
Compiled, ran the Formats KCM, selected my country, inspected the generated files.