Marble input handling refactor. Support for mouse, touch and pinch in MarbleQuickItem.

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Adam Dabrowski
- Mouse, touch and pinch input handling for MarbleQuickItem (keyboard was enabled earlier)

Other changes: 
- Refactored input handling to reuse code, broke into smaller pieces (functions)
- Extended the example (marbleQuick2)

Known issues: 
- Some refactoring still should be done around input classes
- Inertial rotation is disabled by default in MarbleQuickItem because of some issues (mostly touch-related). However, issues are rather minor so feel free to enable it back.

- Using these changes since some time in a working app that is based on a MarbleQuickItem subclass (on both unix PC and a touch device)
- Built and run marbleQuick2 example on both PC and a touch device.
- Did good tests for MarbleQuickItem, basic regression testing for MarbleWidget and no testing for Qt4.


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