KRunner: Stop using the dialog class

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Vishesh Handa
    KRunner: Stop using the dialog class

    The dialog class provides a number of features such as resizing itself
    when the item size changes, vice versa, and has slightly complex logic
    to handle to being a tooltip / dialog / etc. We do not really need any
    of this logic. We're just a simple window with a item + border.

    This removes the duplicated dialog.h header file, but it unfortunately
    introduces a copy of framesvgitem.*, units.*, and svgtexturenode.h. This
    should be a temporary copy until these files are exported properly.

    This patch fixes all the annoying flickering issues with krunner and
    makes it much much smoother. It also fixes issues where the top border
    is initially present but later disappears.
Is much much smoother, and the number of repaints/resizes are much less. Tested by comparing frames via apitrace.



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If you really can't fix dialog create a tiny QML file with the contents import org.kde.plasmacore 2.0 FrameSvgItem { svg:... ... David Edmundson David Edmundson
Vishesh Handa
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Vishesh Handa
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