[FIX] Equality operators for GeoDataPlacemark + Other issues

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Calin Cruceru
The previous implementation of operator== in GeoDataPlacemark was, as even the documentation said, comparing the 2 private pointers of each instance of the class. I thought that this implementation would be more appropriate, but there are still some issues, especially caused by the m_geometry pointer:
- how should this be compared to the other's m_geometry?
- even though it is not regarded to what for I opened this bug review request, we should think of that //FIXME comment within the GeoDataPlacemark( const GeoDataPlacemark &other ) constructor because I think it will cause problems when we will finish implementing operators== and we will start testing on real .kml files.
- shouldn't m_geometry be deleted within the destructor, since its parent is the current object? I see that it is deleted when set a new one geometry, but not in destructor; maybe I didn't understand this correctly.

Calin Cruceru
Dennis Nienhüser
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Calin Cruceru
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