Add timeToFull/timeToEmpty, recall notice and FullyCharged to Solid::Battery

Review Request #117339 - Created April 2, 2014 and submitted

Kai Uwe Broulik
117542, 117540, 118558
This adds the following functionality to Solid::Battery:

- timeToFull and timeToEmpty (at the moment provided by PowerDevil but for all batteries combined, this patch does it individually for each)
- rename isPlugged to isPresent (as plugged always confused me - it has nothing to do with whether AC is plugged in but if the battery is "present in its bay", it's also the name of the UPower iface)
- FullyCharged battery state, we cannot rely on the battery being 100%, and since the info is provided by UPower (not on HAL), why not use it
- RecallVendor/RecallUrl when a battery has been recalled by the vendor, currently provided/handled by PowerDevil
- Serial number of the battery

Sorry for the hard to read patch but I also re-ordered some methods to have the order in all implementations and headers the same.
Compiles, solid-hardware5 details /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 reports:

udi = '/org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0'
  parent = '/org/freedesktop/UPower'  (string)
  vendor = 'ASUSTeK'  (string)
  product = 'UX31-35'  (string)
  description = 'Lithium Ion Battery'  (string)
  Battery.present = true  (bool)
  Battery.type = 'PrimaryBattery'  (0x3)  (enum)
  Battery.chargePercent = 31  (0x1f)  (int)
  Battery.capacity = 83  (0x53)  (int)
  Battery.rechargeable = true  (bool)
  Battery.powerSupply = true  (bool)
  Battery.chargeState = 'Discharging'  (0x2)  (enum)
  Battery.timeToEmpty = 5105  (0x13f1)  (qlonglong)
  Battery.timeToFull = 0  (0x0)  (qlonglong) = '13.223'  (string) ? dunno why it says string, it's double everywhere
  Battery.energyRate = '9.324'  (string) ? same
  Battery.voltage = '7.4'  (string) ? same
  Battery.recalled = false  (bool)
  Battery.recallVendor = ''  (string)
  Battery.recallUrl = ''  (string)
  Battery.serial = ''  (string)


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I think you can completely ignore the HAL backend, afaik Alex wanted to drop it completely. Lukáš Tinkl Lukáš Tinkl
Fix the comment to match the method name Lukáš Tinkl Lukáš Tinkl
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Kai Uwe Broulik
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Kevin Ottens
Note we had a major failure on this particular review as it changed some backend API but didn't adjust win or iokit backends. Those ones are likely broken since it got in.