Fix of Bug 330979

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Raushan Kumar
330979, Bug
while calculating x*(10^y) if value of y>1000000 then kcalc gets hanged sometime ,sometime its crashes for large value of y.And after applying the patch I have attached will fix this by not taking very large input in this case.Today when I was using my friends laptop ,he uses windows and there I found that there also same thing happening.They have also used the same concept ,not to take large input in this case.

Raushan Kumar
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Evan Teran
@Raushan Kumar, I must (again) reject this patch. It is simply in the wrong place. The correct place to solve this issue is NOT at the display level, but instead at a more fundamental part of the calculator code. If you patch the issue at too high a level, then there is a risk of the same problem being triggered by a different context.