Change preferred master logic

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Jan-Marek Glogowski
Change preferred master logic

This makes the preferred master a permanent, user-based value
and especially allows the control / device entry of MasterControl
to stay empty to allow automatic selection of the device by the
backend mixer set.

This also adds an automatic entry to all non-stream mixers and
always saves the the current preferred master, idependent of
the current validity.

Christian Esken
Jan-Marek Glogowski
Review request changed

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Christian Esken

I added an "empty String" handling to Mixer::getGlobalMasterMD(). Also some minor changes in DialogSelectMaster, to count only controls having playback volume. I commited it as last action of the KDE Multimedia Sprint 2014 in Randa. I think it is a nice addition in the goal to polish and fine-tune KMix. Thanks for your patience Jan-Marek, and thanks again for your contribution.

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