Fix compilation with clang 3.4.

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Milian Wolff
Fix compilation with clang 3.4.

Note that I'm not too sure why this compiled with GCC
and why clang rejects the global operator== definition and
wants to have it in the KIO namespace. Someone with more C++
ADL knowledge should chime in whether this is the right fix.

In file included from kio/tests/udsentrybenchmark.cpp:22:
In file included from /usr/include/qt/QtTest/QTest:1:
 error: call to function 'operator==' that is neither visible
 in the template definition nor found by argument-dependent lookup
        if (!( == {
kio/tests/udsentrybenchmark.cpp:286:22: note: in instantiation of
function template specialization 'QTest::qCompare<KIO::UDSEntry>'
 requested here

    do { if (!QTest::qCompare(entries, m_smallEntries, "entries",
 "m_smallEntries", "kio/tests/udsentrybenchmark.cpp", 286)) return;}
 while (0);

kio/tests/udsentrybenchmark.cpp:246:6: note: 'operator==' should be
declared prior to the call site or in namespace 'KIO'

bool operator==(const KIO::UDSEntry &a, const KIO::UDSEntry &b)
1 error generated.
udsentrybenchmark.dir/build.make:54: recipe for target

Michael Pyne
Kevin Ottens
Frank Reininghaus
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