Always go back/forward in history when pressing the corresponding mouse buttons

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Frank Reininghaus
dolphin, usability
Support for the backward/forward mouse buttons was added to Dolphin in . They can be used to navigate in the history now.

However, this only works if the mouse cursor is not above an item - in that case, the item is selected, and no back/forward action is triggered.

Sebastian's motivation for implementing this behavior was that KDE uses "single click" activation by default, so it's not possible to select an item using a single click of the left mouse button (if the item is a file, it will also be opened, and if it's a directory, Dolphin will navigate to that directory). The backward/forward buttons can now be used to select items easily.

I understand this motivation, but the behavior might be a bit counter-intuitive, and I'm not sure if the number of users who make use of the "select item using back/forward button" feature is greater than the number of users who are annoyed by this behavior (the bug report about this is ).

Moreover, we already have multiple other methods to select items with the mouse (the selection markers, Ctrl+left click, rubberband selection), so I'm not sure if this feature is really required.

Therefore, I think it might make sense to change the behavior, but I don't have such a mouse at all, so I can neither test this patch, nor can I judge if my guess that the current behavior does more harm than good is correct.

Testing and input from the usability team is welcome!
I cannot test it because I do not have a suitable mouse.
Thomas Pfeiffer
Emmanuel Pescosta
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