Set the focus to the active view, after leaving the terminal panel.

Review Request #116118 - Created Feb. 27, 2014 and updated

Emmanuel Pescosta
Set the focus to the active view, after leaving the terminal panel.
Works for me.
Frank Reininghaus
Thanks for looking into this.

What happens if the user switches to another virtual desktop and then back to the one showing the Dolphin window? If the view is focused also in that case, then this is probably not what the user wants.
  1. Focus is still in the terminal panel.
  2. Btw. the places panel uses the same signal to enable/disable the places selector of the url navigator.
    So I think it should not introduce any bugs, related to activity/virtual desktop/... switching. ;)
  3. Here it's not, the view gets the focus.
  4. About the Places Panel: there is a bug which is related to this signal and the URL navigator: (and you can also see the mentioned 'jumping' when swiching desktops). I think that it should better be fixed in the URL navigator though.
  5. Hmm strange.
    I open the terminal (F4), then write some letters to test if the terminal has the focus, then switch to the second virtual desktop, 
    do some things there, then switch back to the previous virtual desktop, click on Dolphins title bar -> the terminal still has the focus.
    Also activity switching works for me.
  6. I've just tested the patch (after a minor change to the connect call) and I can confirm the issue reported by Frank. I write on the Dolphin terminal, switch to a different virtual desktop, switch back, and the focus is no longer on the terminal but on the main view.

  7. I’ve just submitted a patch on Phabricator which forks this patch and fixes the issue with virtual desktop changes: