Handle font and palette changes in Dolphin list views

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Emmanuel Pescosta
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Handle font and palette changes in Dolphin list views.

Also update the font of the meta data widget in InformationPanelContent (smallest readable font).

DolphinItemListView already had a function updateFont(), I made it virtual protected and implemented the "base" function in KItemListView.

DolphinItemListView::updateFont() uses the custom font, if enabled, otherwise it falls back to KItemListView::updateFont(), to update the view.
KItemListView::updateFont() always uses the system font.

Also implemented (protected virtual) KItemListView::updatePalette() to handle color scheme changes.
Changing the color theme works.
Changing the font works.
Changing the font + custom font in Dolphin works.
Set the custom font back to system font in Dolphin, after the system font was updated, works.

So I think all cases work ;)
Frank Reininghaus
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