Install app desktop files to share/applications, not in a kde5 subdir

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Alex Merry
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Install app desktop files to share/applications, not in a kde5 subdir

Given that binaries are all installed in PREFIX/bin, and have to avoid
clashes, doing the same for desktop files is no great issue, and
installing into a subdirectory of applications/ just complicates matters
for client code that needs to refer to the desktop file (is it
"kde5-foo[.desktop]", "kde5/foo[.desktop]" or just "foo[.desktop]"?).

Aleix Pol Gonzalez
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Alex Merry
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Rex Dieter
fyi, , supporting vendor prefixes are not only a good idea, but is strongly encouraged.  "...  it is recommended that providers of desktop-files ensure that all desktop-file ids start with a vendor prefix."
  1. However, in practice, dealing with the MPRIS spec ( I've found it was just an absolute pain to deal with.
  2. Please at least allow for some discussion and feedback, before introducing such a big change.  It will likely have significant impact on downstream distributions.
  3. What would be an appropriate forum for such a discussion?  Certainly the few people on kde-frameworks-devel who showed any interest in the topic were in favour of the change.  kde-packagers, maybe?
    A quick look at my /usr/share/applications suggests that only KDE software uses a subdirectory.  Other software seems to use filename prefixes (like gnome- and xfce-) when the software has a generic name (gnome-disks, xfce-settings-manager), but no prefix at all otherwise (Thunar and evolution, for example, have no prefix).  Given how my distro (Archlinux) does things, these almost certainly reflect the upstream decisions of those projects.
  4. As far as discussion is concerned, kde-core-devel would be appropriate I think.
    I don't care which style is used (prefix/ or prefix-) personally.