Add support for Unity quicklists to Konsole

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Ivo Anjo
This patch adds support for the quicklists feature of Unity, as per the "Desktop
Entry Specification".

With this patch, a new action is added "Open a New Window" which is very useful when konsole is
used in Unity, as it allows you to create a new window without having to use menus or keyboard

Gnome-terminal also includes similar support, and also Firefox. I basically copied the Firefox
desktop entry, as it already had translations of this action for a bunch of languages.

My main motivation for this is that I've always had the habit of using the best-of-breed applications on my desktop, regardless of the environment. So when I'm using KDE or Unity or XFCE I always use firefox, gajim, konsole, kate, gnote, ...
This is a small extra for Unity users, and has no drawbacks for other users, so I'd love to see this upstream.
Replaced .desktop on my ubuntu installation and confirmed that I had the quicklist now.
Jacky Alcine
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Ivo Anjo
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