Fix building 32bit target on 64bit machine

Review Request #115192 - Created Jan. 21, 2014 and discarded

Andrius da Costa Ribas
kdewin, plasma
with_SSE2_explicitly_enabled_if_x86 namespace is only implemented with THIS_PATH_WITH_SSE2_EXPLICTLY_ENABLED defined, this symbol is defined in render_with_SSE2_explicitly_enabled.cpp, but this source is only built when using a 32bit processor. In my case HAVE_PATH_WITH_SSE2_EXPLICITLY_ENABLED is defined, though, in global.h, since this is not a 64bit target.
Tested using MSVC 2010, 32bit target, with ${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}=AMD64 (it's a x86_64 processor)
David Edmundson
Andrius da Costa Ribas
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Status: Discarded