Patch for bug 317066 ("systray leaves garbage on the panel when resizing ")

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Dmitry Ivanov
kde-workspace, plasma
It is a proposed fix for bug 317066. The fix is a very simple one-liner setting FullViewportUpdate mode for FdoGraphicsWidget. I'm aware FullViewportUpdate has negative performance impact but I also know it efficiently leaves out any graphical glitches happening due to no repaint of widget when necessary (which is what the bug is about). I have tested my solution for a couple of days: the bug no longer reproduced and I also didn't see any noticeable performance problems. I'm still not sure what I propose is acceptable since it may seem like a hack to more experienced developers, however I just didn't want my patch attempt to get lost and forgotten in the bugzilla. Please have a look and decide whether the patch is good enough to be applied to the next bugfixing release of KDE 4.x series, thank you. 
I rebuilt with the patch and replaced the package version with it (I'm on Linux Mint 16 KDE, x86_64, KDE 4.11.3). So far I can no longer reproduce bug 317066 and I don't see any noticeable performance problems of system tray applet. 
Dmitry Ivanov
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Dmitry Ivanov
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Marco Martin
Dmitry Ivanov
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