Update filtered items when the "refreshItems" signal is received

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Frank Reininghaus
KDirLister tells us about changed files via its "refreshItems" signal. We do update the files in the view in KFileItemModel::slotRefreshItems(), but we do not check if filtered items might need to be updated as well.

To see this:

1. In an empty directory, create two test files with "touch a.txt b.jpg"
2. Open the directory in Dolphin, and split the view.
3. In one of the views, press Ctrl+I and enter the filter text "txt" -> b.jpg disappears.
4. In the other view, rename "b.jpg" to "c.jpg".
5. Clear the filter -> the view still shows a.txt and b.jpg.
The patch fixes the problem for me. Old and new unit tests pass.

Note that there is still another problem left: if the renamed filtered file matches the filter, it should be shown in the view, and if a file does not match the filter any more after renaming it, it should be filtered.
Emmanuel Pescosta
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Frank Reininghaus
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