Make labels from the default config files translatable

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Yuri Chornoivan
lueck, thomasfischer
Currently labels from the default .kbstyle file are not extracted so KBibTeX interface is translated ~2/3 of the possible volume.

This patch tries to deal with this issue.
1. Extraction. Scripty extracts the following POT:

2. Translation (Ukrainian, preliminary):

3. Compilation, installation, translation seems work as expected, only some parts of interface (very rare, left as so, because their translation seems to be a bit dangerous to compatibility with TeX) are left untranslated.
Yuri Chornoivan
Thomas Fischer
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Yuri Chornoivan
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Thomas Fischer
> Translation (Ukrainian, preliminary)
Please contact the Ukrainian KDE translation team once you patch has been committed in to the repository.
  1. Actually, I am a KDE Ukrainian team coordinator. ;)